Announcement for 2020 Foreign Student Selection and Placement Exam (SBÜYÖS2020)...


Because the universities, whose YOS exams are accepted by our university, can make some changes in their YÖS Exam Academic Calendars due to the Covid-19 pandemic, applications will be received online between 17 – 26 August 2020 by making changes in the SBÜYÖS2020 Guide Academic Calendar with the decision of the University Board of Directors dated 12.05.2020 and numbered 19-07.

Foreign Student Selection and Placement Interview Exam (SBÜYÖS2020) will be held between 10:00 and 17:00 according to the time in Turkey, between August 31 and September 4th, in the Istanbul Hamidiye Campus.


If necessary, an online interview exam will be held for students abroad.


Candidates' success score will be calculated by taking 70% of the YÖS or SAT I / II, ACT exam result and 30% of the interview result.



1- Ankara University

2- Atatürk University

3- Ege University

4- Erciyes University

5- İstanbul University

6- Karadeniz Technical University


For the Directive on the Selection and Placement of International or Foreign Students at Associate and Undergraduate Level click here...

For the International Student Exam Guide - SBÜYÖS2020 (Selecting and Placing International or Foreign Students) click here...

For the application http://basvuru.sbu.edu.tr


For the guide in English click here...